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Thank you for connecting with us. We however, request you to kindly go through our Terms and Condition and proceed, only if they are acceptable to you.

1. You understand that we here, do not give advice. We do not ask or expect you to agree with or follow our line of thinking. We give people just one doctors’ views about their health issue. We do not claim that this is the only way to go about your problem, or that you should follow our advice. You should take it as just one of the several possible approaches. And decide for yourself if you would follow it partly, fully or not at all.

2. You would see your locally available doctors. The advice of a doctor who has you complete health information, can take full history, and perform a physical examination should be followed.

3. Here we do not discuss any emergencies, physical or mental, nor anything that can be life threatening. If you are having an emergency, do not waste your time here. Call and go to the closest medical facility.

4. We will try to respond soon as possible. But we are doing this in our own free time, if we can take some from our demanding personal and professional life. Therefore you should please accept it that we will respond to your queries as allowable by our, and not your schedule or needs. That if our doctors cannot get free time for it, we may not respond at all or our response may not come in time for you.

5. That since we are not advising you what to do, we assume no responsibility for the consequences, when you decide to follow our views.

6. That you would refrain from using foul language and bad words.

7. You would never put your personal dara like actual name, address, telephone number, emails and passwords in the queries, chats and discussions. And if you did, we can not guarantee to keep them safe and secure.

8. We reserve the rights to delete any queries, words, sentences and even an entire conversation if we so decide for our own reasons which may not be limited to what we feel as being inappropriate.

9. We may cancel and purge any log in and registration at anytime for any reason on our end without any explanation.

10. That since this is a free service of charity, you would not bring any law suite against us.

11. We may change our terms and conditions at any time without any notice.

12. Please proceed, only if these terms and conditions are acceptable to you.

Thank you very much for allowing us to try and give people another avenue of seeking opinions. - Admin, AskaDoc